Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Talking to boys, WHAT?

So this evening after dinner, Samantha had to call one of the boys in her class back.  She adores him, I already knew that.  She always talks about him.  
When she got in the car, when I picked her up from school today, she says (trying to act like it is no biggie)  " Logan asked for my phone # so we can play on club penguin"  I didn't really react.  I always try to lay low.   So a while later she forgot her phone was in the car, so she says, "I need to go check my phone to see if Logan called."  So she called him they talked for a little while. Then it was dinner time.  She comes skipping down the stairs and says she is going to set the table.  I was shocked, I  Usually have to make a big threat to get that done.   She sat down and said he called two times!  So we are eating and it hadn't been that long, and her phone starts ringing.  And it was him!   OH, boy good thing daddy is out of town!  And I hope he looses her number! =) 
This evening  I took Jack outside to blow bubbles, he was really cute, of course he doesn't get it, but he did blow a few.  He was just trying too hard,  he also does it when he is doing puzzles.   It is getting hot and humid here.  Summer is on it's way!  We have a family of lizards outside our front door.  Maybe one day I will get their picture. 
Jack's nose is just pouring.  It is so cute, he doesn't mind getting his nose wiped.   He will say "nose runnin" or "tissue."  so cute!   But I found out it isn't easy to wipe when driving.  And then he gets really mad and starts SCREAMING!  (good thing Samantha is usually with us.) 

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