Monday, May 25, 2009

This weekend!

It has been a very busy weekend, probably the most busiest one we have ever had.

Friday we went to my H's Dad's house for a cookout.   It was really nice outside and the kids had a blast playing with the water hose, because the pool isn't open yet.
Jack had fun spraying all of us!  

Saturday, My mother-in-law kept the kids while we went to a cookout at one of my H's
 co-worker's house.   There was one other couple there.  It was nice and low key.  My H has worked with these guys for 10 yrs and we had never gotten together.  So it was nice to finally meet the wives.   Next month it will be at our house and my H will smoke some pork butts.  
But when we left the cookout we called to check on the kids and Jack was still up and just getting out of the pool, my my H and I decided it would just be best for Jack to come home and sleep in his bed.  But Samantha stayed the night with her Granny.

Sunday, My  mother-in-law kept the kids and we went to a movie.  Then I went to cash in my MOTHER'S Day gift at the spa, it was so nice I was there from 2:30- 5:00!  I had a pedicure and Manicure and a 60 min facial.  I have never had a facial, that was the best I recommend everyone should have one!  I had a hard time relaxing, I kept thinking about how Jack was, if he was being good for Daddy.  Also I didn't know what to expect from the facial so I kept asking her questions.  I think if I go again one day I will be able to enjoy it more b/c I will know what to expect.

Today, I had to get my H all packed up and out the door, he will be gone for 2 weeks.   I took the kids to the store to get everything for the week.  
Jack has had a runny nose all day, I hope he isn't getting sick.

Last note:  We are remembering and thinking about all the fallen heros that have died for our freedom.

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