Friday, May 15, 2009

Recap of the week....

This week started off slow for me, but I cannot believe it is Friday!  =)   I feel like I did get alot done this week.  
Got a load from the storage unit, and back in the garage.  For some reason, it felt very strange not to have all my things right in the garage where I could just go digging for whatever I needed.   My H and I also decided it was a waste of money.   So all I have left in there as of today is the Christmas tree and one container of the Easter baskets.   So that will only be one more van load and that will be done. 

I mended a few of the kitchen chairs.  They just needed some glue.

I went threw Jack's winter clothes, they are all in a bag and ready to go to the donation center. along with a bag of toys. 

I got a green thumb this week because my mom every time I talked to her she was out in their yard doing yard work, and planting flowers.   So I went to Lowes and got some flowers.  I had been wanting something to put under our 2 trees in the front.

I am glad that my H's plans got changed and he will not be leaving us for 2 weeks.  =)
I hope everyone has a great weekend!  

Yesterday, Jack was helping me with the laundry, and he decided to take off what he had on, so we could wash it.   That was the first time he got his Jeans off without help!

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