Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

Today we didn't do much.  I did have a few returns to make, so I did get that done.  I  did get the van cleaned out.  That has to be done every 2 days. 
Today on the way to take Samantha to school Jack's nose was running so I gave him a tissue to wipe his nose and he did fairly well.  But then I look in my mirror and he is eating it.  OH MY, BOYS!

Samantha had Art class today and she made this adorable bird house!  They are also learning the parts of a flower, pretty cool!  I don't remember learning that.

Jack loves balloons so, I was trying to kill time, so I thought lets go to party store, and get him one.  Well, he was good, I said do you want Elmo or Pooh?  Jack said Elmo, and then Samantha says " I want Pooh"  I then in my mind go back a few years and remembering her saying "balloons are for babies."  But then back in the store I think o.k., whatever, I don't really care.  So we get in the car and of course Jack wants Pooh and Samantha is holding like she isn't giving it up.   And the night just went down hill from there.   Then the string was on Jack and made him really MAD!  So he cries the whole ride home.   And even when it was Bath time.  He wanted out of the tub.  So now I am going to bed!  

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