Saturday, May 9, 2009


Yesterday, Friday was a busy day!  When I picked up Samantha from school she said she had a great day!  So that is always wonderful to hear.   She said they were just busy all day.  She gave me some Mother's day gifts, she is just like her Daddy can't wait to give it to me!  So She had 4 pretty pink Carnations.  She had hand sewn a  hot pad.  She did a great job!  Then my final thing she gave me was she got an A on her test!   She is learning that studying does pay off. =)

I was busy all day making a stationary box, and trying to make cards t
o fill it.   I did finally get it done around 10:00 today.  It was very cute!  

I also wanted to make some magnets that I had seen on another blog.  But mine didn't turn out as pretty.  I didn't have the right glue.  But I think they are ok.  So I am still going to give them as a gift.

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