Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9, 2012

Wow!! It has been a while! I am going to try and get back into writing on the blog!

So lets see here.... Today it is raining and chilly outside. The traffic was awful getting the kids to school. My hubby is out of town for business. So I am listing to the dog snore and the clock tick-tock. I am going to try and feed my creative side today, it's been too long and I miss it dearly. I am thinking of updating Samantha's school scrapbook! I need to work on my dad's birthday gift. He is turning 60 the end of this month! I got the idea off Pinterest! This is the website

I hope he likes it! I haven't gotten letters from his sisters yet tho, I am hoping that they are working on it!

Both my kiddos are doing good! Jack has a girlfriend her name is Madeline, he announced the other evening that he kissed her on the playground! He is so stinking cute!

Samantha is doing great in school, working extra hard, still obsessing over hair and make-up but I guess that is to be expected from a 13 yr old!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!


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    1. Thank you! Yes, a few weeks ago I got it all chopped off! =)