Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today I have been cleaning house, boy, oh boy, did it need it!  So I am still working on laundry, will it ever END?!   

I am trying to come up with some fun Spring crafts to do, I want to make a little bird feeder with Jack.  Also start growing some flowers from seeds for him to watch, I was going to try the 2 liters, I think that looks like it should work really good.

Sadly, at Jack's school, only 4 of the chicks hatched,  I think 1 died =( 
He got to touch one this morning he was so excited!

          But I don't think they are doing too well so they are going back to the farm today to be with their mommy!  Yesterday they moved them under the heat lamp.  When Jack got home from school, Jeff asked him how the chicks where and Jack said they are under a red lamp to get soft!  I think the teacher was telling them they would get fluffy when their feathers dried out.  

          I have come across another amazing blog, I cannot wait to try these ideas!  They Look so fun, I love the eggs!  Easter is coming up so fast!  I need to put out all my Easter things!  =)

      Also have been working on getting Sam a Passport, she is going to the Bahama's with her Granny and Aunt.  I am jealous, but I think I would want to go without my kiddos.

My Dad still hasn't read the letters that took me for ever to get together.  My mom said he is afraid of what people put I guess...  I wish I was there, to read them to him.... Maybe I need my mom to send them back to me so I can read them to him over the phone!  HAHA

Well, off I go to switch the laundry!  

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