Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wow, cannot believe it has been a week since my last post! Time flies when your having fun!

Ok, lets start off on Saturday... It was a nice warm day here, I had saw online that a Blogger I LOVE was going to be signing books at a near by book store.  She has also become a new host on Food Network, I admit I haven't watched her on tv, but I Love her Blog after a good friend introduced me to it!  Yes, It is Ree Drummond, Pioneer Woman!!  Unfortunately for me, Saturday I should have just stayed in bed.  The day didn't go as planned.  On the way I realized I forgot my big camera and when I got to the book store there were a million people already there, and I had my children with me.  Sam text me just 20 minutes after I got in line and informed me she had to drag Jack out of the store screaming.  So I waited about another 45 minutes, and the line hadn't even moved and inch, so I left.  If my kids wouldn't have been there OH I would have waited all day to get Jodie a cookbook signed!  So I left there very saddened and came home and did chores.  Like I said, should have stayed in bed.

  I snapped these as I was heading out the door on my phone.

On Sunday, We went to Jim and Brenda's house, Brenda cooked for us!  They have a new cat, it is very friendly, Jack loves her! It was another beautiful day!  It was a relaxing day, except the fact they have had the High Rise bridge closed, so going around takes forever!!  Jack asked me if they had moved, when we were on our way. LOL!

Sam, Papa, Jack & Mamaw


Once a month I get my craft day Monday!  This Monday we made this so cute Tea holder!  I just love the colors in it!  Makes me ready for SPRING!

 Top!  I liked making this because it was different!

Finally, today I got my Dad's Box with his 60 years of memories in the mail!  That's a load off my mind!  My mom is trowing him a surprise party on Saturday!  She called me the other day and said "I just had a stroke!" I thought she was for real!  Then she continued with so and so called and dad almost answered the phone.  I told her Don't ever call me and the first words say " I just had a stroke!"

I hope my dad enjoys all the letters everyone did for him!  =)  Here are a few pictures of them!

Last but not least, Spring is here in Virginia!  My tulips have bloomed!  My daffodils have already came and gone, they don't last long.

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