Thursday, March 22, 2012


It has been a long morning!  Today is my Dad's b-day, I chatted with him, he took the day off and might go fishing & work on his new bicycle he bought to take fishing.  I would love to see a photo of him on that bike with all his fishing gear!  Or just on the bike, I have never seen my dad on a bike!  

I took the girls to school then took Jack to the Doctor, because he is complaining of his throat hurting and when I looked at it last night it looked like thrush to me.  The Doc said he is fine, must be allergies!
So I took him to school.  =)

Now, I am home thinking of all the cleaning I need to do before my hubby comes home tomorrow!!  And Scooby will not stop barking at me... he must need something!  

Well, off to clean I go..

It's almost Friday!!!!

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