Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today is another pretty day here in Virginia.  I went for a walk earlier, everything was still wet from the rain we had this morning.  It was humid.  But a good walk!

I did come up with a St. Patrick's day card, not the best, but it will work.  I only made 3, and I let Jack, Sam and her friend make one each.  I didn't have much green.

  I have been looking at the Stampin' Up website, I love their stuff!  Saw a couple of things I wanted in the Clearance section! =)

I went to Jack's school and hung out for a bit.  The teacher and I wanted to get a class photo.  The school doesn't do them... they just to a school photo.  So I was glad to do it! =)

Well, it's almost time to go get the kiddos!  Happy Tuesday!

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